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All services are provided subject to the following terms and conditions for online tutoring:

1. Bookings

Provisionally booked times will be reserved for you only when your provisional booking is confirmed. Until a provisional booking is confirmed the time is available to be, and may be, booked by another student or client. In proceeding to (whether for tuition or proofreading) make a booking, submit material, or make a payment, you confirm that you have read, understand, and accept these Terms and Conditions.


2. Cancellation, lateness, and non-arrival

It is your responsibility to be present online punctually at the time of your confirmed booking and to be present during the time you have booked, unless you cancel your confirmed booking with more than 24 hours’ notice. If you arrive late or fail to arrive for your confirmed booking, or you cancel your confirmed booking with less than 24 hours’ notice, you are responsible for the consequences and must pay the agreed fee for all the time you have booked, whether you are present or not. Failure to pay the agreed fee will result in your inability to receive further services. You are entitled to receive professional services during the time of your confirmed booking only. Any extra time allowed beyond your booked time is subject to availability and must be paid for in addition to the fee due in respect of your confirmed booking.


3. Confidentiality

(1) All material you submit for proofreading or use in lessons, and your correspondence and personal details, will be treated in the strictest confidence.

(2) Satisfied students and clients frequently express their appreciation of the services they have received, and their recommendation to friends and colleagues is the best form of promotion of these services. The right is reserved to use any appreciative comments you may make in future promotional material and on this website (your identity will not be revealed to protect your privacy).


4. Documents

(1) Documents for proofreading and editing via email should be submitted in .doc or .docx format.

(2) Documents can be submitted for a price quote at any time and a quote will be prepared and sent to you as soon as possible. For the purposes of determining, in relation to any deadline stated by you, whether your document requires the Within 24 hours, Within 48 hours, or Standard service, the period of time used is that between the date and time the price quote is sent to you and your deadline. Normal business hours are used, ie 9.00 – 18.00 (Bangkok time: +7hrs GMT) Monday to Friday, and if a document is received outside of these hours it will be treated as if it had been received at 9.00 on the next business day. For illustration and avoidance of doubt, in the case of a document submitted at 18.00 on Friday, a 24 hour period will be between 9.00 on Monday and 9.00 on Tuesday.

(3) In determining the word count of (number of words contained in) a document for the purposes of fee calculation, the actual total is rounded up to the nearest one hundred words in common with normal proofreading practice. Where more than one document is submitted at the same time, the word count of each of the documents is rounded up to the nearest one hundred words.


5. Editorial responsibility

(1) You are responsible for all, and no liability will be accepted for any, matters relating to the content or subject matter of any work you submit for proofreading or editing. This includes but is not limited to legality and factual accuracy.

(2) It is for you as the writer of the work, or an editor who is responsible for determining final content, to decide what you want to say, what you consider important or unimportant, whether or not or how you wish to retain, re-write, rephrase, paraphrase, organise, or remove material, or whether you wish to in any other way alter the content to meet personal preferences or editorial requirements that were not communicated at the time of requesting a price quote.


6. Fees

Fees for all services are as described elsewhere on this website. Payment for all sessions are required at the time of booking your session. Sessions can only be considered as confirmed once payment has been received. Fees are only refundable if: 1) the tutor fails to attend your session, 2) more than 24hrs notice is given by you for any cancellation of your session. In the event of network issues such as internet outage, these will be negotiated on a case by case basis.


7. Intellectual property

(1) Copyright in material you submit for proofreading or use in lessons is retained by the copyright owner of the work. (If it is your own work, you are the owner of the copyright unless you have assigned it.) You are responsible for ensuring that you are not in breach of copyright in your use of quoted material in your work, and have made correct references and acquired any necessary licences and permissions. Following proofreading, you will acquire copyright in the amendments made to the text contained in the document when it is returned to you. (You as the writer will retain copyright in the work, both before and after it is proofread.)

(2) All copyright relating to material contained on this website is the property of Mark Freeman BSc (Hons) TEFL, and copying, reproduction, distribution, public performance of, or creation of derivative works from, such material without valid written licence to do so, or any other infringement of such copyright, is prohibited.


8. Miscellaneous

(1) The failure to enforce any provision or right under these Terms and Conditions shall not be considered a waiver of that provision or right or any other provision or right contained herein.

(2) No liability will be accepted for any failure in provision of services or breach of these Terms and Conditions caused by an act of God or any other force majeure event.

(3) The right is reserved to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice in order to, inter alia, improve services or meet changing circumstances.


9. Payment

(1) It is your responsibility to ensure the prompt payment of fees due, whichever method of payment you use, and (where payment is made electronically) you and your bank or other agent are responsible for any late arrival or non-arrival of your payment and any consequences resulting therefrom (eg delay in or cancellation of the provision of services).

(2) Unused pre-paid credit is non-refundable and will expire six months after the date of your last payment or the date services were last provided to you, whichever date is the later.


10. Proofreading quotes

All proofreading quotes are prepared in writing and, unless otherwise indicated, remain valid for three business days from the date they are sent to you by email.


11. Satisfaction guarantee

No guarantee is at any time made that you will obtain any particular examination grade, acceptance, publication, job, contract, or any other material benefit of any nature whatsoever.


12. Third parties

No liability whatsoever is accepted in respect of any third-party websites, or any content thereof, to which there may be links from, or from which there may be links to, this website.